South Eastern Dressage Club

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2023-2024 Membership applications are now available

Click HERE for the 2023-24 Membership Form

Click HERE for the 2023-24 HRCAV Disclaimer Form - Please only use this version of the disclaimer
(Please send both forms if you want HRCAV membership)

Make sure you use the current versions of both forms because you need to sign that you agree to abide by the codes of conduct for the club and the HRCAV.

Please note that the SEDC Financial Year operates on the same calendar as the HRCAV - from 1 November to 31 October



Our club colours are black and aqua.  If you are representing the club at an official HRCAV event you need to wear a garment on your upper body in either or both colours, eg you could wear a black vest with the club's logo embroidered in aqua or an aqua poloshirt with the logo in black.  If you prefer, you can have a top without the logo and have the club logo on your saddleblanket instead.  The logo is on file at Westernport Embroidery, Coolstores Road, Hastings.  They can supply black uniform tops (polarfleece jackets or vests and poloshirts) and embroider the logo, or you can supply your own garments to have the logo applied.  They can also supply embroidered logo patches for your saddleblankets.